Engagement Types

Vértere has a solid track record of serving clients across various industries on outsourced project engagements involving any of the following:

Application Development, Maintenance & Support

Today’s businesses are critically dependent on the key applications that drive, control, monitor, and grow their operations. Yet many struggle to manage the volume of development work and support costs necessary to ensure that their applications can accommodate business growth. Vértere Global Solutions helps companies overcome these challenges with our comprehensive Application Development and Support services. Representing our core business, these services span the entire software development life cycle, including:

  • Requirements Gathering and Definition – Experienced business analysts work directly with business members to ensure documented requirements match company needs
  • Design and Architecture – Skilled solution architects design custom solutions tailored to specific business problems, technologies, and environments
  • Technical Specification – Proficient technical leads turn the architecture into specifications for development
  • Development – Talented developers create the solution utilizing Vertere Global Solution’s proven methodologies or the client’s preferred methodology
  • Testing – Meticulous testing specialists perform component, interface, system, and acceptance tests to ensure applications perform as expected
  • Release – Adept infrastructure engineers prepare and coordinate releases to production environment
  • Support – Seasoned support specialists proactively monitor, test, and maintain the environment to maximize availability and proactively address issues

We utilize mature, proven processes built around a traditional V-model, customized based on client requirements. We have the flexibility to operate within various client-driven Software Development Methodologies, including Agile, and provide skilled technical resources and diligent project management. Our support team also works with each company to design a service level agreement (SLA) that meets specific business and operational requirements.

Our delivery model is built around leveraging iterative methodologies and well-defined development lifecycles (SDLCs), depending on specific engagement requirements and existing client processes.

In the context of Offshore Outsourcing, delivery locations typically include a combination of resources deployed:

  • Offshore in our Philippine office
  • Offshore in Client office or project site
  • Onshore in Client office or project site

Our Philippine operations is designed to run 24/7, allowing us to support on a 24-hour cycle that is synchronized with the client’s standard workday, regardless of geographic location. This is particularly helpful for QA test and retest cycles.

Web Development & Support

Integrating web technologies into existing legacy systems drives multiple benefits for today’s businesses. The challenge is that the expertise required to fully leverage these new web tools often doesn’t exist in-house and can be difficult and expensive to develop internally. Further, once in place, these costly resources may sit idle during periods of low demand.

Vértere Global Solutions overcomes these resource challenges with comprehensive web development services, including internal and public-facing web site development and maintenance. Our established core capabilities, specialize in four major technology skill sets:

  • SharePoint™ – Document management, portal, collaboration, MOSS implementation and customization, enterprise search, and document workflow.
  • .NET – Solutions range from enterprise-wide web applications to more complex, niche solutions such as WinForms, web services, and SOA implementations.
  • JAVA™ – Enterprise-class public and private websites; development is generally done within a framework such as Hibernate or Spring.

Our solutions span the full software development lifecycle – planning and business case development; design, architecture and requirements definition; coding, testing and, release; and ongoing support, all tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our team of specialists ensures strict adherence to quality assurance processes and web aligned SDM’s such as Agile, while supporting specialized business goals. We are well positioned to rapidly supply or augment client capabilities with experienced, cost-effective resources.

Business Process Management

Understanding business needs and delivering services to address them is at the heart of every IT department. Yet many internal departments struggle to establish and maintain the critical connection between business requirements and associated services, resulting in a gap between business process and application services that means unrealized benefits and higher costs.

Vértere Global Solutions addresses this challenge with our Business Analysis services, which cross the full Software Development Lifecycle to develop and maintain the critical link between business needs and IT services.

Our established core competencies are focused on the following areas:

  • Process Modeling – Analyzing, modeling, and documenting business processes from existing IT systems or business stakeholders
  • Process Simulation and Analysis – Utilizing the captured business model to simulate processes, identify issues and gaps, and determine strategies for improvement
  • Process Execution and Performance – Bringing your business process to life through IT expertise and monitoring strategies for constant improvement

Software Quality Assurance Testing

Whether a company develops applications in-house or through an outsourcing partner, low software quality results equate to costly project overruns. That is particularly true in the case of undetected errors, which prolong the development cycle and cause costly delays in the release of key business-enabling applications. Many companies are also challenged with implementing sufficient automated testing practices, which results in lengthy manual test cycles and applications with insufficient production load capacity.

Vértere Global Solutions addresses these challenges with comprehensive Quality Assurance services, regardless of whether development was done in-house, by a 3rd party or through our application development services. Our testing knowledge and experience spans all disciplines including:

  • Manual Testing – Following test plans and scripts to check software or defects
  • Automated Testing – Configuring and utilizing tools to perform testing steps
  • Performance Testing – Simulating production loads to ensure readiness
  • Security and Privacy Testing – Penetration testing and security auditing
  • Test Planning and Scripting – Design and creation of test plans, cases, and scripts
  • Defect Management – Logging and tracking of defects for remediation and re-testing

Legacy System Support

Legacy applications can present unique challenges to businesses, including lack of accurate or insufficient documentation, deficiency of required support skills, and limited understanding or expertise about their functionality. Without proper support, companies run the risk of having a mission-critical application fail and maintaining support can be costly.

Vértere Global Solutions addresses these challenges with services in all areas of Legacy System Support, with a particular specialization in Mainframe. Our established core competencies for Legacy System Support, are focused on these areas and their related databases, programming languages, diagnostic tools, and utilities. Examples include:

  • Databases
    • Mainframe – DB2™, IDMS™, IMS, VSAM™, ADABAS™
    • DEC VMS™ – Oracle™, Ingres™
  • Programming Languages
    • Mainframe – JCL™, Cobol™, PL1™, CICS™, ADSO™, Easytrieve™, MQ Series Messaging™
    • DEC VMS™ – Cobol™, PL1™, SQR/SQC Script™, DCL Script™, SQL Script, Bespoke™
  • Diagnostic Tools
    • Mainframe – Intertest™, Expediter™, $AVRS™, Beta92™
    • DEC VMS™ – DBAnalyzer™, DEC VMS Monitor CPU Usage™, DEC VMS Monitor Active Process™, DEC VMS Check Batch /Print Queues™, DEC VMS Accounting Utility™
  • Utilities
    • Mainframe – DB2 QMF™, ISPF™, IDMS Culprit™, Selcopy™, FileAid™, Zeke –Job Scheduler™
    • DEC VMS™ – SQLPlus™, Isql™, Iquel™, Qbf