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Access to technically qualified resources available at the right time. Our clients are our trusted business partners. Vértere is in business to provide the highest quality and best value services and solutions to our clients. We ensure complete satisfaction.

Hiring Manager FAQs

Why would companies consider staff augmentation?

One of the benefits of IT staff augmentation is that it helps businesses find the best talent for their development needs. They also help clients maintain a lean in-house staff and remain flexible for the future. At Vértere, we know how challenging it is to find the right IT staff when ramping up to meet business critical deadlines. We have been helping companies find IT resources needed to deliver results. Different companies need different solutions so we develop creative and innovative IT workforce solutions that will work for you.

What services do you expect from an IT staff augmentation firm?

Vértere works with organizations across various industries. Our services aid companies to reduce cycle time, increase productivity and improve quality of service delivery and processes. Our core IT workforce solution is IT Professional Staffing, either in the form of Staff Augmentation or IT Outsourcing services.

Staff Augmentation Services
This solution enables a client to add resources, on a temporary basis, with specific skills to extend its own internal teams. Vértere employs the resources and assigns them to the client for however long they are needed in projects. The service is rendered at the client’s work location to allow closer coordination.

IT Outsourcing Services
A client may choose to assign to Vértere a specific scope of work involving a team who will render the services outside of its work location with Vértere providing the agreed upon oversight. This arrangement may take on a Managed Services approach with expectations that Vértere assumes responsibility for monitoring and managing the client’s project and deliver operational improvements for the benefit of the client.

What differentiates us from the competition?

For starters, we don’t just fill roles. Instead, we take a robust, end-to-end view of prescreening and interviewing processes, ensuring you only see candidates who are the right fit for your organization from day one. Vértere also assigns a dedicated HR Business Partner (HRBP) for each team deployed to clients to provide consultant care. The goal is to ensure each has a healthy and satisfactory work environment resulting in better performance.

At the end of the day, by partnering with us you not only get superior service, but also get to address your current pain points through the following services and programs to ensure successful engagement.

Recruitment Strategy

Resource Management

Account/Project Management Reviews (PMR)

How do I engage with Vértere?

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. You may CONTACT US and provide info on your staffing needs. A Vértere representative will reach out to you to understand your requirements and initiate the steps needed to support you.

Below is an overview of the usual steps for us to start the engagement.

What is the process of engaging in staff augmentation?

When staffing a new engagement, we utilize available resources which fit the skills requirements of the client. If the resources required are not available internally then we recruit from external sources. Vértere utilizes a comprehensive quality screening process for recruitment and is adept at preparing resources for new roles. We have a dedicated Recruiting and Sourcing Team who have strong technical backgrounds. We utilize a proven Recruiting Methodology and a 4-Tiered Qualification Process


Testimonials from Clients and even from Resources, especially those expressing satisfaction with project assignments

They have helped me ramp up in the most challenging season. Closing 40 technical positions and saving the day for us.


Became my longstanding reliable partner for years and have relied on them in hiring batches of technical resources needed for my project.


Found me my critical hire  and have been a constant source of great resources.


Have always relied on their expertise to find me excellent resources in no time.