IT Outsourcing Services

A client may choose to assign to Vértere a specific scope of work involving a team of IT skilled resources to execute an entire project, or parts of it.

IT Outsourcing allows a company to execute projects using the resources of another firm. In some cases, this can also take the form of “out-tasking” where specific tasks of a project might be outsourced to a sub-team which is staffed and managed by an outsourcer.

The outsourced service is typically rendered outside of the client’s work location. Whether the client is operating in the Philippines or located outside of the country, the service will be rendered in a Vértere-managed facility.

Offshore Outsourcing has emerged as one solution for companies that are challenged with accurately forecasting their internal resource needs while maintaining cost thresholds. Offshore Outsourcing through Vértere Global Solutions delivers significant value to our clients, including:

Cost Reduction. Typical savings are 50-75% when compared to onshore rates. This provides clients with a mechanism to temporarily augment their resource base without breaking their budget.

Skills Availability. With extensive in-house expertise across technical and functional areas and access to a Philippine graduate pool of 450,000 university graduates/year through our full-time in-house recruiting team, we can supply expertise in virtually any application, product, or function to meet the client’s needs.

Flexibility. Our resources can be available during the client’s workday or round the clock as required. Additionally, the team size can flex up and down depending on immediate needs so no one is idle, and the client is never without resources focused on key business priorities.

For larger augmentation engagements, we have developed tools to plan and track work and resources, allowing us to forecast requirements and ensure skill coverage and knowledge transfer is maintained.